3 Reasons to Embrace the January Lull After the Holidays

Happy New Year, friends!

How is everyone feeling? If you feel like you need to take a big, cleansing breath and readjust, you’re not alone. The holidays bring out about a sort of beloved chaos—schedules go out the window, we eat and drink foods that aren’t part of our regular diet, and we experience the emotional build-up that comes with the closing of one year and the beginning of another.


Regardless of your age, it feels like a lot. That’s why we are all for embracing the lull that comes in January, as we try to remember what normal life feels like and slowly work our way back to it. And so, today’s blog highlights our top 3 reasons to embrace the lull that comes after the holidays.

The Pace of Life Slows Down

The first few weeks of January are almost deliciously slow compared to the madness that encompasses life from Halloween to the New Year. Most kids still have a week or two off from school and need that time to decompress and process all the big feelings the holidays can bring.

This is a perfect time to let little ones catch up on their rest and reset for the new year.

Routines are Reestablished

Though they will be the last to admit, kids really do thrive under structure. And, as fun as the holidays can be, we all know that structure goes out the window with the parties, gatherings, and family events.

January is the perfect time to ease back into routines. Reestablish reasonable bedtimes. Start eating three meals each day (that don’t include gingerbread and egg nogg). Celebrate the comfort that comes from getting back into the regular swing of things.

One-on-On Time Can (and Should!) Happen

With the holidays out of the way, parents can focus on a less hectic form of family time. Spending quality time together in January allows you to make a few more special memories with those you love most.

Ways to Embrace the Lull

Get Outdoors

Get the family out in the sunshine together and soak up a little vitamin D. Take part in the First Day Hike program and go for a walk on New Year’s Day. Visit a local park. Try out a new outdoor sport like disc golf or pickleball. Not only will you create fun memories, but you’ll also burn off some pent-up, post-holiday energy.

Set Routines

Bedtimes aren’t just for the kids. Make sure everyone in your household is getting plenty of good sleep. Stick to regular bedtimes and try to limit the use of electronics for an hour prior to sleeping.

Play Together

Institute family game night once each week. Pull out your favorite board games or engage in a rousing card game of Go Fish or UNO. Pull a craft or two from your Craftikit and get creative together. Engaging in creative play with your little loves is a wonderful way to fill their time before they must head back to school.

And so…

We hope you embrace this opportunity in the early days of the new year to take a breath and enjoy the January lull with your loved ones.