Craftikit's Valentine's Day Gift Guide Based on Your Toddler’s Personality

As we gear up for a February filled with candy hearts and cupids, it’s important to remember that the littles in our lives love this holiday as much as grown-ups. If you’re planning on gifting your toddler a heartfelt Valentine's toy, you’re going to love today’s blog as we’re sharing a few of our favorite gift ideas based on your child’s personality.

But before we get started, we want to state for the record that we understand no child’s personality can be defined by a single activity or interest, and you may find two or three toys on this list that your child would love. That’s one of the best things about watching children grow…we get to be there as their budding personalities blossom and shift right before our eyes!

 With that said, let's dive into the wonderful world of Valentine's Day gifts!

The Performer 

For the kiddos who love to take center stage, consider a karaoke machine. This Cocomelon-themed cutie comes with built-in music and is a fantastic way to nurture their love for performance!

The Athlete 

Do you have a little one who’s on the move and already loves a little competition? We love this combination basketball/soccer sports center from Vtech and so will your junior sports fan. The goals light up and play fun sounds each time your child sinks a basket or scores a goal. And the best part? It’s a toy that will grow along with your child—the basket height is fully adjustable! 

The Future Scientist 

For the budding scientists in your life, this cool circuitry set by MindWare is a sure winner. Watch their eyes light up as they combine switch block with action tops and learn the magic of reactions. The pieces are easy to snap together, and kids love learning how circuits can make fun things happen!

The Artist/Creative

We admit, this category is a bit of cheat…because within every child lies a creative spark. And we love that our very own Craftikit is perfect for kindling those imaginative fires! Each kit comes with 20 unique and engaging craft projects along with everything your child needs to make them. Simply open the box and let those creative juices flow! Click here to shop all the fun versions of Craftikit. 

We hope some of these ideas lead to special moments between you and your little love. Because, at the end of the day, Valentine’s isn’t really about those material gifts we receive, is it? It’s about spending time with the people we love and letting them know exactly how special they are. 

From all of us at Craftikit, here’s hoping the time you spend with your child over Valentine’s Day makes your life just a little bit sweeter.


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