Introducing our NEWEST Craft Kit: DINOSAUR Crafts

If you have a child who loves crafting AND dinosaurs, you need to prepare yourself…because our newest kit will likely be the hit of the holiday season for your little one.

We are so excited we can hardly stand it…and so…without further ado…we proudly present…

The Dinosaur Craft Kit! (Did you hear trumpets? We’re sure we heard trumpets.)

There is so much fun packed into this kit…as in TWENTY individual, super-organized craft projects that are perfect for junior crafters ages 3 and up. In fact, most children over the age of 5 can tackle these projects with little to no help! 

That means you can keep your little ones entertained with a unique dinosaur craft while you put your feet up or tend to other business.

And if that isn’t reason enough to add this kit to your cart, consider this—everything…and we mean everything…you need to craft is included inside the kit!

That’s right…no more searching for scissors or scrounging up glue sticks. Everything you need is in the box and each craft is organized in its own envelope. Crafting has never been easier!

And if you’re curious about what kind of craft projects are included in your kit, we’ve broken it down by down category:

4 Tissue Paper Projects

There are four crafts we’ll tell you about…and one super-secret mystery craft that we’ll keep top secret until you receive your kit! Paper projects include:

  • A dino footprint collage
  • A stegosaurus sun catcher
  • A 3-D volcano
  • A prehistoric tissue paper scene

5 Craft-and-Use Projects

These engaging crafts are fun to make…end even more fun to use afterward:

  • A triceratops face mask
  • A dino door hanger
  • A set of hatching dino eggs
  • A pair of bookmarks
  • A T-Rex pop-up card

5 Puppet Crafts

The fun isn’t over once your puppet crew is complete…that just means it’s time for the puppet show to commence! Included in the puppet category are:

  • 3 puppets with their very own prehistoric background
  • Terry the Pterodactyl puppet
  • Zig Zag T-Rex puppet
  • A pair of finger puppets
  • A triceratops paper bag puppet

5 Puzzle Crafts

These fun puzzle crafts will have your child’s creative juices flowing! Each kit includes:

  • Jurassic puzzle
  • Rainbow scratch dinos
  • T-Rex Fossil
  • Pom-pom craft
  • Dino tangram

Kids can’t get enough of these fun and engaging craft projects, and parents love them for SO MANY reasons:

They’re perfect for siblings to work on together. While the official age for Craftikit is 3 years and up, we have plenty of happy customers who tell us older siblings love helping their younger brother or sister complete our craft projects. 

They’re good for children. It’s true! Crafting is like a workout for little brains, and it also helps children improve their fine motor skills by strengthening the delicate muscles in the wrists, hands, and fingers. Ask any preschool teacher and they’ll tell you fine motor skills are very important as they are needed for children to accomplish tasks like holding writing instruments, brushing teeth, buttoning buttons and zipping zippers.

Whether your child is a dino aficionado or a lover of all things craft-related, we just know they are going to love this kit!