Our Top 5 Crafts Your Little Creator Can Do at Home

If you’re a parent, grandparent, or caregiver you’ve likely heard the children in your life utter those two terrible words…

I’m bored.

Keeping active kids entertained can be a daunting task, but the key to avoiding the boredom blues lies in one of the simplest options available…


That’s right…the simple act of making and decorating creations by hand has the power to ignite a child’s imagination and keep them occupied for hours. All you have to do is keep a few craft essentials on hand and have a few project ideas in your back pocket…and that is where today’s blog can help. We’re sharing our top 5 craft ideas that will engage your junior crafter and keep boredom at bay.

Paper Plate Rainbows

This cheery paper plate project (how’s that for alliteration?) is easy to make, perfect for keeping little hands busy, and destined to cheer up any room!

With just a few common household items, your child can transform a humble paper plate into a cheerful sun or cloud with streaming rainbow ribbons.


If you’d rather not round up all the supplies required for some of the aforementioned projects and would instead prefer something a bit simpler, you won’t find an easier alternative than our very own Craftikit.

With the click of a few digital buttons, Craftikit will arrive at your door packed with more than 20 unique and engaging craft projects and everything your child needs to complete them!

Homemade Playdough

Your child will be shocked (and you may be, too) to learn that playdough can be made right in their own kitchen!

We love this recipe because no cooking is required, making it easier for young crafters to get in on the creating fun. Nearly all the ingredients required will be in your pantry (you may need to run to the grocery store for cream of tartar), which means your child can have a pile of play dough in a variety of colors in no time.

The recipe creator also suggests adding essential oils to the dough for a more sensory experience…genius!

Jolly Jellyfish

These colorful jellyfish promise not to sting and are sure to become one of your little creator’s favorite projects!

Simple paper bowls are turned upside down, decorated and finished off with curly ribbon tentacles and googly eyes. Kids don’t need to be ocean aficionados to appreciate the finished product and they’ll love hanging a jellyfish or two in their room.

Unicorn Dream Catcher

What’s better than having a dream catcher to tangle up any bad dreams that dare to enter your child’s bedroom? A unicorn dream catcher, of course!

These dream catchers are just darling and only require a few crafting supplies. While the creator suggests using a glue gun, you could forgo that for a crafting adhesive like E6000 to make the project more “doable” for younger children.

The end result is a dreamy, sparkly dream catcher that is certain to keep bad dreams away!

Here’s to creating magical crafting memories with the little ones in your lives!