7 Reasons Every Busy Mom Should Get Their Kids Crafting

7 Reasons Every Busy Mom Should Get Their Kids Crafting


As a busy mom, you try to come up with engaging activities to keep your children busy when they’re at home. But first, you think about what kind of activities engage them the most? Are they a musical prodigy in the making, a singer, or a graceful dancer? 

There is one universal hobby that children worldwide love to do: art and crafts! We all really got started in kindergarten where our teacher sparked our creativity and had us create something from nothing with just a piece of paper. We created our own masterpieces - well some were better than others.

Kids' arts and crafts are not only fun and engaging but they are also super valuable when it comes to developing your child’s life skills. Here are 7 reasons why it’s great to sit them down with a kid's arts and craft project.


Kids Crafts Grow Creativity and Fine Motor Skills


1. Kids Crafts Grow Creativity and Fine Motor Skills

Arts and crafts help develop kids' creativity and fine motor skills by following instructions and coordinating their own fingers and tools creating fantastic art while learning fun facts about everything. It encourages imagination and gives them the opportunity to be original, discover and innovate. While engaged in crafting sessions, your little one’s tiny muscles in the fingers, hands, and wrists are exercised and strengthened which is a very important developmental milestone for kids. 



Arts and Crafts Develop Kids’ Cognitive Abilities


 2. Arts and Crafts Develop Kids’ Cognitive Abilities

When children draw, paint, cut, or glue, they are planning, solving, experimenting, and learning in their own way. It gives them the freedom to choose what they want to do in their arts and crafts project. So how does it foster mental growth and brain development? By using their five senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste–– depending on the activity.


Kids Crafts Develop Problem Solving Skills


3. Kids Crafts Develop Problem Solving Skills

When creating artwork, children have an opportunity to make choices, conclusions, second-guesses, and evaluate their finished output. Furthermore, the more you give them a variety of craft materials and methods, the more they will try new ideas. So teaching them to be more comfortable in uncertain situations and helping them be flexible thinkers. 


Crafting Improves Kids Self Esteem


4. Crafting Improves Kids Self Esteem

The end-product of crafting can give children a real boost in their self-esteem. Letting kids draw or paint helps them feel unique and discover themselves. The finished art project gives them a sense of accomplishment, confidence, and a feeling of self-worth. It allows the children to express themselves and cope with their feelings. As a result, they turn to self-discovery and learn how to process things independently. In addition, when kids gather around and create the same kids' craft projects together, it gives them a sense of belonging, which is critical for healthy self-esteem. 


Kids Arts and Craft Aid Language Development


5. Kids Arts and Craft Aid Language Development

Kids will develop their vocabulary and communication skills by talking about colors, shapes, sizes, and everything that they see around. They are able to describe what they scribbled or made and broaden their vocabulary. Reading and following instructions on how things are done can help develop their comprehension. Arts and crafts develop the reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills that advance their literacy level. 


 6. Promotes Parent-Child Bonding


Enjoying crafts with your young ones creates lasting memories between parents and children. Arts and Crafts activities present a great opportunity to jump in and support them to work on separate parts together. It promotes a warm relationship and a stronger bond. If you didn’t have time to join in, you could simply ask your children to describe their work of art and how they came up with it. They’ll feel listened to and connected.  


7. Kids Craft Kits Give Busy Moms Time for Themselves


To unwind and relax can easily seem elusive for us busy moms. Furthermore, we are often hit by anxiety and guilt that we should be doing more, even though we deserve it! When kids are focused and “busy” busy on an engaging craft activity, parents can grab a little space to relax or get one of the other 10 tasks they have to complete done! That said, not just any craft kit will do. We’ve all been there - spending an hour finishing that impossible project that was meant to be a simple toddler’s craft project, while your little one disappears onto the next thing. And this is the main reason that our little business, Craftikit, was born!

Craftikit Arts and Crafts for Kids

Craftikit is an all-inclusive craft kit for kids. Inside you’ll find 20 envelopes, each with a different craft project inside. Each folder consists of different art materials they need for their artwork, so you won't need to hit the craft store for supplies. Each craft is simple enough such that most kids ages 3 and up will be able to tackle each project alone. Some smaller humans might need a little help with some of the crafts!


Arts and Crafts for Kids Craftikit Instructions

Each project comes with its own written and video instructions. This gives kids the chance to learn to follow directions, no matter their age or ability.

Best of all, you only need to take out a single envelope at a time and the rest can stay tucked inside the ‘record library’ style storage box ready for next time.

Kids Artwork Toddler Craft Easy Art Project for Kids



So Craftikit’s crafts are the perfect way to buy you that 10-20 minutes of respite when all around is chaos! If you prefer your magic box of crafts provides a great way to spend one-on-one time with your kids, making a connection whilst keeping it light and fun. 

So arts and crafts for toddlers and bigger humans are a great way to grow them into smart and creative little people while growing their self-confidence and life skills