Our 4 Favorite Games and Activities for Kids Birthday Parties

Ask any kid and they’ll tell you—a birthday party is only as good as the games you play or the activities you’re provided. But coming up with games that will keep children entertained can be stressful for any parent, and that’s why we wanted to help.

Creating activities kids love is right in our wheelhouse…and it turns out you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to ensure kids have a great time at your party. That’s why we’re sharing our list of 4 fun games and activities we think any kid will love. Some are classics…others are brand new. But all of them are guaranteed to keep kids entertained until the party winds down.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

It doesn’t get much more classic than this. Pin the Tail has been around for generations, and kids today enjoy it just as much as their grandparents did back in the day.

And here’s some good news—if you just can’t get behind the idea of stabbing a donkey with a pinned-on tail, there are plenty of other, less painful options. We love this version of Pin the Heart on the Bee…too sweet! 

Egg Race

Here’s a fresh spin on an old classic. We all remember running across a backyard while trying to balance a raw egg on a spoon. This modernized version let’s kids have all the fun without the mess!

Each set comes with three plastic spoons and three eggs containing a beanbag “yolk”. Kids must race while balancing their spoon on the egg. It’s a great way to have fun without wasting food.


Our all-inclusive kit is perfect to use as a party craft activity!

Each kit includes 20 unique and engaging crafts that kids ages 3 and up will love! Let kids draw numbers to see who gets to choose first, then let them pick an envelope from the box. Each envelope contains a different project, so no two kids will create the same thing!

And the best part? Everything needed to complete each craft is included right in the box. There’s no need to hunt down googly eyes, tissue paper, or pipe cleaners. Your child and their friends are sure to have a crafty good time!

Scavenger Hunt

Why not let kids get a little exercise while hunting for hidden treasure? Letting your child and their friends follow clues to a hidden gift is always a fun activity. We love this version by Write from the Heart with different clues for different ages and lots of suggestions on how to set up the hunt.

You can choose whether to leave a single gift for the birthday boy or girl or include small prizes for all the children in attendance. Regardless, everyone will have a great time following the clues while working together.

And so…

We know we live in an age where bigger is often deemed better, but we think these sweet and simple games and activities can serve as a reminder that it’s often the simple things in life that are the most memorable.